The realities of spreadsheet risk

The use of spreadsheets remains highly common among finance and actuarial teams. Traditionally employed for increasingly critical business functions, they allow for quick and flexible analysis of data, but with this flexibility comes complexity. As the reliance, overuse and undue trust of spreadsheets increases so does the danger they bring. 

Shifting Gears live session recap

On Thursday the 17th of November, we held the first ever Shifting Gears half day event in beautiful Sydney, Australia. With an enthusiastic group of attendees listening intently to our talented group of speakers, the event was a wonderful way to spend the morning. There were many great ideas tossed around, and innovative insights offered up about the changing horizon of the insurance industry.

What actuaries can learn from developers

It’s no secret that actuaries do a reasonable amount of coding throughout their working life; most of which is used to setup and maintain actuarial models for a range of tasks eg. valuation, regulation, strategy and pricing. But actuaries aren’t software developers, and so they should take the opportunity to learn a thing or two from one. 

Life InsuranceRachel Meikle