7 sites changing the way consumers buy life insurance

Buying life insurance can be one of the most important purchases that consumers make for themselves and their families, but it can be a long and technical process at the best of times. This is where insurance aggregators come in. These companies are radically changing the way people buy insurance, they make finding insurance easier, cheaper and and all over more efficient for the consumer.

With millennials quickly becoming the largest market for insurance companies there is an obvious rise in the use of the online forums to buy insurance through, essentially bypassing the traditional method of purchasing insurance, and this trend does not look to be slowing down in the near future.

Here are 7 sites that are altering the way consumers buy life insurance:

Quotacy NerdWallet

Quotacy NerdWallet

Quotacys NerdWallet life insurance comparison site is one of the most trusted comparison sites in the United States, they get real-time information from every insurance company on a daily basis to ensure that consumers receive the most accurate quotes possible. It is where “busy people easily compare and purchase life insurance on their own terms on any device”. They allow consumers to compare prices of the top insurance companies in the United States and purchase insurance of any type within a matter of minutes.



BestLifeRates.org simplifies the whole process for consumers, they give the customer the highest possibility of approval at the lowest possible rates offered in the market. They offer insurance quotes to anyone in the market, from the high risk skydiver to the everyday life cover.

Credio Life Insurance

credio life insurance

Credio Life insurance price comparison site easily allows customers to gain estimations on life insurance prices, compare the best prices and further apply for the insurance best quote online. They provide credible and reliable advice for some of life's biggest decisions. They also give you a customer experience rating and affordability rating before the consumer even starts the process.



Compare.org offers real, unbias life insurance quotes and side by side comparison ensuring that the consumer can find the best deal for their individual situation. They allow the consumer to purchase insurance online and additionally allow them to customise their insurance policy using a single online form that guides them through the whole process. Making insurance an effortless and easy process for all.



Term4Sale is a no frill site that is run by a company that sells policy-comparison software to agents, they then provide individualised quotes suited to the customers needs from over 150 insurers around the United States that use their software. This is because they believe that agents that use comparison software provide better policies to the purchaser.



Insure.com doesnt just provide the customer with only life insurance, they can give comprehensive comparison of life, health, auto and home insurance, this allowing the customer to organisae all of their insurance needs in one all within a couple of mintues. Insure.com has been recognised as the number one most cited independent consumer insurance website in the United States.

Find my Insurance

find my insurance

Find my Insurance have focused more around their experience in the online insurance comparison industry and their connections with 175 of the top insurance companies in the United States. They allow the consumer to compare, contrast and apply online for the most convenient and affordable life insurance.

It's obvious that price comparison sites in the insurance industry are advancing by leaps and bounds, creating a space where consumers no longer differentiate by brands, but prices and benefits. The disruption this brings to the industry is clear. Aggregators are allowing people to choose their insurance company based on how they face up to their competitors, and how they measure up to their specific needs. Insurers need to be thinking in these terms now. How would this product look lined up next to all of the others out there? Will the customer choose us?