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Sydney half-day seminar

On Tuesday 5 December, Deloitte and Montoux teamed up to host the final Shifting Gears seminar of 2017 with a half day event in Sydney, Australia. The aim was to cut through the hype of “insurtech” by exploring some real case studies and bring together an array of speakers with first-hand experience of using technology to actively disrupt the status quo of insurance.

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Don’t push delete! Why your siloed data is actually buried treasure

Targeting customers at the right time, with the right offer, and generating a satisfactory return on investment is no easy ask. The chance of achieving these goals is greatly improved, however, in organizations where data management strategies have delivered the marketing ‘Holy Grail’ — a single customer view. Here’s how it’s done… 

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Less is not always more when it comes to software solutions

Choosing software for an organization is a complex and often unappealing process. There is always the possibility of unnecessary costs, painful installation, or ending up with a system that doesn’t meet business needs. Life insurance carriers appear to be suffering more from the struggle to update than the broader financial sector, and it’s certainly dragging it’s feet compared to other global industries like entertainment and travel.

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